Especially in the G20 countries, health systems are undergoing a dynamic change process. Digital technologies, extended care needs and demographic changes are important drivers of change. In addition, health policy changes often lead to new challenges for the players in the health sector.

The care of sick people can be further improved by competent and human-centered treatment procedures using modern technologies. International expertise and implementation experience as well as imagination and openness for innovations and new technologies are necessary. Take advantage of our opportunities!

The economic importance of the health sector is growing steadily in all countries because societies regard personal health as an important resource and an essential prerequisite for quality of life.

Health systems are increasingly developing into complex economic and technological ecosystems. In many countries, the health sector (including care for the elderly) is one of the largest in the economy as a whole.

Against this background, I am actively involved in:

Initiative of the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw)

German-Chinese cooperation in the health sector

German quality for the Chinese healthcare market and eldercare market:

  • Construction and equipping of health care facilities.
  • Operations and management of health and care facilities.
  • Professional education, further education and trainings for health and care professionals.
  • Health insurance.


As a China business expert I would be glad to provide interested companies, especially SMEs, with additional information.