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Lecture: "Industrialization of Medicine - Symptoms, Paradigms and Impact"

in preparation:

Lecture: "Added Value Cycle of Digital Transformation"

Article: "International Patient Management China - Germany/EU"

DCW Yearbook 2017

My article in the new yearbook of the German-Chinese Economic Association (DCW):

Thomas Kapitza: Buying frenzy with strategy - Seven aspects of Sino-German business cooperation in the health sector

(Language: German / Chinese)

Articles: Megatrend eHealth Mobility (2015)

Thomas Kapitza: Megatrend eHealth Mobility – importance for cardiologists

In: Wiener klinisches Magazin, DOI 10.1007 / s00740-015-0041-x, Springer-Verlag, Vienna, 2015.

A lecture from 2015

Thomas Kapitza: Lean Processes in the Hospital - Desire and Reality.

Lecture held at the Bayern Innovative Co-operation Forum "Schlanker Materialfluss", 8 October 2014 in Munich;

shortened published in: vernetzt - Das  Journal von Bayern Innovativ, 2nd Edition 2015, pp. 12-13, Munich 2015